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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 29, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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means a chance of light snow and there will be more to the south and accumulating snow in parts of maryland prompting a winter storm watch. we'll highlight where in a little bit. right now, we're look agent 15 in manchester and reisterstown. chestertown, 16 in centreville. averaging 12 to 20 the general range. a sunny to partly sunny day with a high temperature of 30 downtown feeling like the teens. at 6:00, let's check traffic with kim. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. traffic is moving at speed but no delays at this time. traveling 95 southbound, be on the lookout for an orange construction barrel in the roadway that will be 95 south between 395 and hanover street. if you are traveling downtown at about 11:00 a.m., expect major gridlock in the area because of the presidential motorcade. as we check the city cameras at pratt street this time at sharp street. jamie and megan, back to you.
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today, the commander in chief comes to our town with a two-part plan compromised with gop house leaders and reassure all of us about the sluggish economy. abc 2 news sherrie johnson is already live downtown waiting for the president to arrive. good morning to you. >> reporter: it was about a year ago that president barack obama was here in baltimore before his inauguration and spoke to about 40,000 people at war memorial plaza and is back again today. he'll be at the renaissance hotel behind me here and plans to speak to the house republicans during the second day of the three-day retreat in baltimore. he'll tour a factory late this morning and then address the gop house lawmakers. he plans to announce specifics of his jobs plan including a proposed $5,000 tax credit for small businesses for each new employee they hire in 2010. and some leading republicans say they believe there is still an opportunity for the administration, congressional democrats, and republicans to find ways to work together.
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the president says he just wants a solution to the problems. >> what we can't do, though, here's what i'm not open to. i don't want gridlock on issue after issue after issue when there's so many urgent problems to solve. [ applause ] and i don't want an attitude, if obama loses then we win. >> reporter: yesterday president obama announced that $8 billion will be set aside for a high-speed rail funding in the american recovery and reinvestment act. maryland will receive $70 million of that money. now, coming up ahead at 6:30, we'll hear reaction from republicans. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. 19 degrees, and now to a developing story. prosecutors say four more people have come forward saying a baltimore county woman asked this 'em for money claiming she had terminal cancer. this morning, that suspect who's going to be in court on a
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completely unrelated case. linda? >> reporter: that unrelated case has to do with leoni and her husband. the two are due in court because leoni istrying to get a restraining order. she now says the money she scammed from people is really for getting away from her abusive husband. her husband says those claims are ludicrous. four more people have come forward claiming leoni scammed them out of money. she is accused of lying to friends on facebook saying she had tom mack cancer. she worked the scam for three and a half years and involved with mortgage scams and bad checks. she could face prison time for preying on people's good will. >> actually there's two more cases that have come to our attention this week, which are very similar. so it's not uncommon. >> reporter: now, the hearing this morning on the restraining order is at 9:00 at the essex courthouse. coming up, how a case like this could hurt legitimate
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organizations that are traying to save lives. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. >> this brings us to our poll question on have you ever given money to a friend who made a plea on facebook? head to our web site. it's on the right-hand side of our home page. here's what one viewer wrote. "this woman owlgt to be ashamed of herself." a second person said "agreed because there are really people sick with cancer takes a toll on all involved." the johns hopkins student armed with a samurai sword who killed an unarmed intruder will not be charged with that man's death. back in september, donald rice was trying to burglarize a home in the homewood cancer. the student who lived there encountered him. he was then carrying a large samurai sword. yesterday, the baltimore state's attorney ruled that he acted in his own self-defense
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and will not face any chinl charges. the student from new jersey has not commented since that "eyewitness news" department. after the state attorney's decision, the investigation into the death of donald rice is now officially closed. five minutes after 6:00, some say abstinence leads to divorce but under a new bill it would be a requirement to split up for good. list ton this. a lawmaker from montgomery county says it's a financial burden to require couples to live apart for a year to make the separation legal so delegate louis simeons is proposing the husband and wife could choose to live together but must agree to refrain from sexual relations. >> the abstinence of sexual relations is part of the current law. we're not changing that. the only part we're changing is the requirement that the two must move out of the house and take up the separate res dense. glx it's expected religious groups will testify against
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saying it will make divorce too easy. toyota's recalling thousands more of its vehicles, this time in europe and china. it is a drastic reversal for a company that has ground to a stop because of the faulty gas pedal stories. riive jana hurtado now with the latest. >> reporter: as the toyota recall grows, japan calls on the world's largest automaker to reclaim the confidence of car buyers. the recall continues amid reports toyota had received complaints of run away cars for years. the pedal supplier said toyota told it this part was not responsible for any of the serious accidents or deaths linked to run away vehicles. >> they acknowledged they did not cause accidents or injuries related to that condition of the pedal. >> reporter: reports of the incidents coincided with the company's use of computer toes control acceleration, a cost- cutting measure. >> i think the bulk of the
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problems we're see having nothing to do with some kind of accelerator pedal or the floor mats. it's most likely in the electronics. >> reporter: millions of cars have been recalled in the u.s., china and europe with industry experts expecting the number to grow. overwhelmed dealers don't have resolution. >> we don't have a good answer right now. >> toyota is working dell gently to get this fix done. >> reporter: confused drivers are demanding answers. >> it's a worry for me. i'm hoping the situation will be involved. >> reporter: others say they are standing by toyota. >> i think the toyota vehicle's a quality vehicle. >> not a problem at all. >> the house commerce committee will hold hearings next month to investigate consumer complafnts against toyota. >> listen to this. avis about 20,000, herts
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announced it would temporarily stop renting vehicles involved in the recall. enterprise will also be pulling the affected vehicles. a team of 22 doctors, nurses and other health professionals from the university of maryland medical center are headed to haiti to help this the earthquake relife efforts. they've been led by the physician and chief of shock trauma. he says more than 200 health professionals from throughout the university of maryland medical center, that whole system has volunteered to assist with the reliefests. many will -- reliefests. many will rotate to and from haiti for the next two months. it's 6:08. we take a look at the winter storm watch map. you'll see counties in southern maryland are shaded in. this includes st. maries, somerset, worcester county and the lower eastern shore.
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we have the expect thation there could be 4 or more inches of snow. once we get closer to the event, we'll start tailoring who's going to get what and detail what will get close to town as well coming up. we do have some smooth traffic around the major roadways. no problems on the beltway or on 95. we have our first accident of the morning happening in hamden. jamie, megan, back to you. he ran for president and vice president. >> but it's the running around that got him into trouble. we'll explain. >> convince her to have an abortion. treed to convince mae to convince rielle to have an abortion. >> a new book on senator john edwards that takes the story in an even more scandallist position. and what the bible told him to do when it comes to stopping late-term abortionsp.
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sometimes you run into a school of pish.
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around the nation this morning, a new book reveals even more into former new jersey senator john edward as fair. he and his wife liz bemg have legally separated. edwards' campaign manager andrew young just finished a book called "the politician" and talks about covering up edwards' affair with rielle hunter and originally saying he was the father of the unborn child. >> we're just aghast. it's a sex tape of rielle and john edwards. you never see her face. it's a viz by pregnant woman. >> now that edwards acknowledged he is the father of quinn, he says he's spending more time with her and paying child support as well.
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the man who admitted killing an abortion doctor took the stand and told his feelings on abortion. >> it is not man's job to take life. it is our heavenly father's. he gives and takes life. it's never up to man to take life, only in cases of self- defense or defense of others. >> a judge ruled that a jury can consider a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter for scott rotor who is charged with murdering kansas abortion doctor tiller. he has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder and aggravate add salt but admitted killing the doctor. nasa is getting a boost but officials say when next week's budget is proposed, nasa will get 6 billion bucks for more than five years but the money isn't enough to follow through with the space agency's six-year-old moon landing
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plans. back here on earth this morning, it's 6:15. temperatures continue to drop. 13 up towards york, pa. this is a time to shift our focus to the lower eastern shore for an eastern storm. this is the opposite from what we normally would expect but this is the region with all of the fun this weekend as clouds are already rolling in and we'll be in and out of high, thin clouds. this is well out ahead of that storm. this is where you have that winter storm watch southern maryland and lower easter shore for accumulating snow. about 30 to 33 on the eastern shore. let's pull this back wider and you can notice the extent of the storm back to the west. light storm on the northern fringe where the heavy snow, the ice is located right there
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across oklahoma pushing its way onto arkansas. this will be a due eastern track of the storm and the northern fringe of the snow is expected and that is why i'll have a better chance of snow showers around town and maybe a light coating near baltimore. this will stay southern maryland, virginia and north carolina. highlighting the fact it will be along the track with the winter storm warnings almost due west and east and clipping st. maries county and lower eastern shore. it will be cold in northern baltimore. you'll see the extent pushing into the mountains and the carolinas. there it goes, tomorrow morning through midday just to the south, the heaviest snow will be salisbury down to richmond, roanoke and on through raleigh, durham. we expect some of that to get
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here during the afternoon. that's why snow showers or a light coating of snow baltimore, anne arundel county north not much. we're looking for 19 and the light snow begins for the south and for tomorrow in town we could get light snow with southern anne arundel county down to tolbin county. here's kim with a check on traffic. we have reports of an original construction barrel in the roadway. 95 south between 395 and hanover street. aside from that, most of the major roadways are checking in incident agree. the pelt way looks good, so does the harrisburg sprees way and no problems on 95 between white marsh boulevard and the tunnels. also in towson, an accident in the intersection of towson and cromwell bridge road. expect intermittent lane changes between the hours of 11:00 a.m. pratt, charles eutaw and gay
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streets will all be affected. as we look at charles and mount royal streets it is pretty quiet. jamie and megan, back to you. time for today's birthdays. karen walker wants to wish her grandson linden michael walker a very happy birthday. mom and pop love you and we can see why. you are also sharing a birthday with ed burns who's 42 and hemger gray hamm from "hang jove other i" and she's 40 as well. oprah winfrey and tom selleckp. how many lindens do you know? >> i think that is a really unique, cool name. >> i'd like to know how they came up with the name. >> e-mail us, karen, if you know and you are watching. >> just send us your birthday wish. maybe put a photo there, friend or family member having the
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birthday. i'll put down when, how old they are and a little about them and send the e-mail to our show at he bought a used car. >> a surprise came with it. >> that's too bad because i could have used that and got me a good car. >> we'll tell you about the big surprise that came with a big disappointment for a georgia man. first, before we head to break, we'll head up to new york and check the latest business news this morning. good morning, we begin your money scope report with toyota's trouble -- [no audio ] but replacing the pedals won't entirely solve the problem of run away cars. some experts believe it's related to other components such as the electronics. meanwhile, house lawmakers say they will hold a hearing nexght month to investigate the problem. numbers out this morning are expected to show the
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economy grew 4.5% in the final flee months -- [no audio ] bernanke's role bailing out wall street whole other americans suffered. some encouraging news about consumer spending from a couple of technology giants. microsoft said its profits jumped last quarter thanks to strong sales of the newest version of windows. and amazon says its earnings soared during the holiday season. the company expected the strong growth to continue into this year. the pga tour begins learning what life is like without tiger woods this weekend. they tied off thursday. that's where tiger traditionally starts his season. ticket and sponsorship sales are down as many of as 20% from
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the last time he played this. tv ratings are expected to drop 50%. seems like woods indiscretions are not just hurting his wallet. coming up, the orphans of haiti. how are they adjusting this their new surroundings. i'm vinita nair, and that is your money scope report.
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all right. it's 6:23. we're watching the storm that is going to have an impact on maryland. wye already talked about the watch and the lower eastern shore. those places could get close to 4 inches of snow. i think it's extremely possible that easton over towards indianapolis could get an inch or so. around baltimore, there's a possibility that we wind up with at least light snow and light coating farther north, much less expected. plan for the light snow tomorrow, heavier farther south. it will be a cold day at 25 degrees, low of 15. we'll stay in the 30s on monday and tuesday with a chance of a
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light wintry mix possible to swing through by the middle of next week. 6:23, let's go back to the roads. >> thanks, justin. we have a minor slowing on southbound 95. here on the west side of the outer loop, traffic is flowing freely. a pair of accidents in the area in elkridge. you'll see a crash at washington boulevard and montgomery road. also in towson, we've been letting you know all morning you should expect heavy traffic and gridlock between the hours of 11:00 and 2:00 downtown because of the presidential motorcade. expect lombard, pratt, charles to all be affected. it is quiet at this time looking downtown. all new this morning on the beach of snger island in florida, it was closed for a second day yesterday due to numerous shark sightings. yikes. look at this. aerial video and you can see
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dozens if not hundreds of sharks swimming very close to the shore. every year at this time this happens. sharks of every variety follow in schools of migrating fish along the florida coastline and double red flags are normally posted to warn swimmers of the dangers. yeah that'll keep them away. and a georgia guy found a stash of cash but he lives just outside of atlanta. he bought a car for 400 bucks, right? police impounded it in a drug bust and he and his grandson fixed it up to find $200,000 of fake, counterfeit money stashed in the back. all right. you have your super wal-mart and super target, but what about a marijuana super store? in oakland, california, business is a one stop shop for pot. that's what i grow. a new business in california is
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marketing itself as bud factor x, bioweed and biobud. then that's bud candy and big bud. both are growth supplements >> we open a frito-lay store next door and will be all right. teachers, get out the door and make your lesson plans. >> how teamers are now buying and selling detailed descriptions of course instructions.
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when i look at my receipt and it says, "you saved $26," that works for me. only with your giant card. so we're not gonna rest until we rebuild an economy in which hard work and responsibility are rewarded. >> well, republicans say the obama administration is hurting the middle class. well, the president and gop have a date today in baltimore. she is going to court in a few hours. how an unrelated case is now the defense for a woman carrying out a cancer scam. all right. let's look for kimmi mizener out there. the powerful storm system that is coating the southern plains leaving thousands without power and this horning, ice is everywhere. good morning. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. it's friday, but it is freezing